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Job No: DRI039
Name: 2019 Share the Berry Joy General Sweepstakes API
Link: https://www.driscolls.com/sweeps/Share-the-Berry-Joy
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: DRI040
Name: 2019 Recipe Ratings & Review Sweepstakes
Link: https://www.driscolls.com/recipe-sweepstakes
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: FCB003
Name: Blue Bunny IW Game
Link: https://bluebunnytaskforce.com
Microsite Instant Win
Job No: HAPPYP001
Name: Happy Planet On-Pack Program 2019
Link: https://happyplanetpromo.com/
Printfiles Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: ODATA012
Name: 2019 EM Portal/Terms Canada
Link: https://mobil1promotion.ca/
Job No: ODATA013
Name: 2019 EM Portal Enhancements-Maintenance
Link: https://promotionsmanager.mobil1.us
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Job No: PR186
Name: Gatorade Canada -- Gear Up Like a Pro
Link: https://gatoradegear.ca/
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Job No: PR187
Name: Lay's Canada Smiles P3 2019 Program
Link: https://smiletowin.ca
Printfiles Sweepstakes Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: PR189
Name: Pepsi Stuff CAN -- 2019
Link: https://pepsistuff.ca
Printfiles Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: PR190
Name: Mtn DewNited 2019
Link: https://www.dewnited.com/
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Job No: PR191
Name: Pepsi Zero Sugar x Cheetos
Link: https://www.pepsiandcheetos.com/
Printfiles Sweepstakes Code Redemption
Job No: PR193
Name: Aunt Jemima's Rebate Program 2019
Link: https://ajoffer.com
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Demo Sites

Job No: 20THCF004
Name: NIght at the Museum
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/natm3
Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: AGA002
Name: Allianz Global 2014 Video Contest
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/aga002/
Mobile Microsite Video Contest Vote
Job No: AGF004
Name: Customer Appreciation Days Sweepstakes, Fall 2010
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/agf/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: CA004
Name: Deans / TruMoo Start Right End Right
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/startrightendright/
Printfiles Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes Code Redemption
Job No: CANES001
Name: 2015 One Love Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/oneloveadventure15/
Sweepstakes Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: CANES003
Name: 2017 Peel the Love
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/peelthelove17/
Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: COB006
Name: Credit One Bank Ultimate Race Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/cob006/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: cr001
Name: McDonald's Regional - Portland
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/cr011/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: DBR019
Name: 2016 Blick Art BTS Student and Gen Public Sweeps
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/dbr019
Microsite Instagram Sweepstakes
Job No: dri004
Name: Driscoll's Summer Photo Contest
Link: http://bit.ly/1j7eiFO
Mobile Microsite Photo Contest
Job No: eas014
Name: Old School/New School
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/bracket/
Microsite Sweepstakes Vote
Job No: EC001
Name: Editors Closet Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/editorscloset/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: FCB001
Name: 2016 Watch and Win IW/Sweeps
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/fcb001/blackhawks/
Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win
Job No: fusion005
Name: Buddig Spring Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/beareader/
Microsite Contest
Job No: g2002
Name: WW Bagster Online Game
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/clearcutwinner/
Microsite Instant Win
Job No: G2010
Name: 2016 Bagsters Demo Pay Day Instant Win Game
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/g2010/index.php
Mobile Microsite Instagram Instant Win
Job No: GDC004
Name: Oprah Houston Weekend
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/gdc004/
Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes Code Redemption
Job No: GYRO002
Name: Heritage Parts Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/gyro002/
Job No: GYRO003
Name: Synchrony Financial Car Care ONE Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/gyro003/html/find.php
Job No: HAV002
Name: Baby TV Easter Egg Hunt Game and Sweepstakes
Link: https://social.promotiongeeks.com/demos/babytvegghunt/
Mobile Microsite Facebook Sweepstakes
Job No: JR003
Name: Fisher + Four Challenge/Contest
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/fisher/
Microsite Contest
Job No: LBA001
Name: How much is Shakespeare still shaking your world? Sweepstakes
Link: https://450bday.promotiongeeks.com/
Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: LBA002
Name: ComEd Coolest Summer Ever
Link: http://bit.ly/1BBK9rj
Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win
Job No: LBA008
Name: 2016 Bridgestone Olympics Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/bridgestonewin/
Mobile Sweepstakes Instant Win
Job No: NSG003
Name: AFCA Amway Social Media Sweeps
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/nsg003/
Twitter Microsite Facebook Instagram Sweepstakes
Job No: pal012
Name: Palermos On Pack Game
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/pizzapayout/
Microsite Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: PONT012
Name: 2017 Mattress Firm Memorial Day Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/pont012
Mobile Microsite Instant Win
Job No: PR094
Name: Pepsi-49er's Golden Can Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/pepsigoldrush/
Job No: QDV001
Name: QD Vision/TCL CES 2015 Media Wall
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/ces2015_demo/
Twitter Microsite Event
Job No: SAI002
Name: 2008 Blue Diamond Football Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/bluediamondfootballnut/
Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win Code Redemption
Job No: SAI005
Name: Arnold Bread Contest
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/arnold/index.php
Microsite Contest
Job No: sjp002
Name: Zaxby's 400
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/zaxbys400/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: SLANT004
Name: Bernina Faceplate Design Contest - BERN001 - (2014)
Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketingresources/app_1386141874941481
Facebook Sweepstakes Vote
Job No: SLANT022
Name: AAA IW Glof Game
Link: http://promotiongeeks.com/circleshot/
Instant Win
Job No: SLANT024
Name: Tilted Kilt - Big Arse Burger Bowl Challenge - DKMKG001
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/tilted_kilt_demo/index.php
Mobile Microsite Instagram Vote
Job No: STA002
Name: The Doctors Healthiest House Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/thedrs/
Mobile Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: swi017
Name: Farmland Petty Driving Experience Text-to-Win
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/farmland/
Microsite Sweepstakes Text
Job No: td002
Name: TD Bank Online Banking Demo Game
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/tdbank/
Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win
Job No: TLC001
Name: Holsum Bread Sweeps
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/holsumbreadsweepstakes/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: TRU004
Name: TruGreen Opening Day Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/tru004/
Twitter Microsite Facebook Instagram Sweepstakes
Job No: usb006
Name: US Bank Ace Hardware Rewards
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/arvincentives/
Microsite Instant Win
Job No: vitro001
Name: Toyo Tires vs. The Mayans Sweepstakes
Link: https://www.facebook.com/marketingresources/app_513039828718987
Facebook Sweepstakes
Job No: vitro006
Name: Redbox Instant Avengers Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes
Link: http://bit.ly/LMPx89
Mobile Facebook Sweepstakes
Job No: VITRO009
Name: Toyo Tire Rebate Program
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/toyoRebate/
Microsite Code Redemption Rebate
Job No: vworkz001
Name: Honda Odyssey Sweeps
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/vworkz001/
Microsite Sweepstakes
Job No: WIL001
Name: Wilton Rebate Program US
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/wiltondemo/
Microsite Code Redemption Rebate
Job No: wk001
Name: Pyrex-Giada 2008 Promotion
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/wk001/
Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win
Job No: WTS001
Name: HTC FUZE Sweeps
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/htcfuze/
Microsite Sweepstakes Instant Win
Job No: ZUBI001
Name: 2014 Lincoln Vehicle Sweepstakes
Link: http://demo.marketingresources.com/lincolnsweeps
Microsite Sweepstakes